2017 is a renaissance in PC gaming. Why? Well the Xbox One and PS4 are both filled with AMD tech and are both designed to be in the market for at least 4 years before a new console is released.
So this means two awesome things for PC gamers:

  • It has never been easier for game developers to maximise their market by releasing their game on Xbox, PlayStation and PC. Meaning more AAA titles on PC.
  • Because of the modest PC based hardware in the next gen consoles, developers are focusing on efficient code in order to get the best performance from their games. This means better performing games no matter what your hardware is.

So a mid-range gaming PC purchased now, will be able to play AAA game titles at max settings for as long as the current Xbox One and PS4 are in the market.

Thanks to the latest consoles from Microsoft and Sony. PC Gaming hardware has entered a new age of high performance longevity.

Its a great time to get into PC gaming, and PCG4M3R is here to build a custom gaming PC to your budget and needs.
— Kym Herbert