New 2017 Gaming PCs

An investment into a 100% new gaming PC in 2017 means your gaming PCs ability to play games on high or ultra settings will be the longest period of time in PCG4M3R history.

PCG4M3R has long since abandoned the approach of having pre-built or ready made systems available for our customers to buy.

Rather, every PC is custom made by our mad PC mechanics using the best tech available at the time.

Just like the fine wooden instruments of the past, each of our gaming PCs are unique and custom made instruments for their owners.
— Kym Herbert (owner of PCG4M3R)

The new gaming consoles, both PS4 and XBone are more like PCs than any previous generation of consoles before it. Given these consoles are expected to have a 4 year shelf life you can expect a mid-range gaming PC in 2017 to absolutely smoke any multi-platform game title released over the next 4 years.

CPU - The Gaming PC Brain

Needs to be at least a quad core AMD or Intel solution to meet the expectations of game developers for the next few years. Modern gaming engines have made the CPU far less important than it was in previous years, and your choice of CPU is really about the things you do with your PC outside of gaming.

Motherboard - The Gaming PC Spine

Its easy to think that so long as all the parts get connected together then any motherboard will do, but this couldn’t be further form the truth. Having a decent motherboard is the difference between a mediocre PC and great one. If you want to get the best out of your graphics card, run your RAM at its full Mhz, overlock your CPU and also get the best read/write perforce form your storage drives all at once! Then only a higher end motherboard is going to meet those expectations.

Solid State Drives, SSD - Total Recall

The performance boost when having an SSD as the boot drive cannot be underestimated. Even when placing all the programs on a slower storage HDD, and having windows installed on an SSD makes your whole PC run like its on a never ending adrenaline high. Typically a 120GB SSD is the minimum size we recommend but this must be run in tandem with another HDD of at least 500GB so that you can install all your programs, steam games and media on the HDD keeping your SSD clean.

Graphics Card - The Voice

The stand out major feature of any gaming PC is the graphics card. This is the one component that will be the most expensive, and have the most influence on your computers gaming capability. Graphics cards are basically a miniature PC inside your PC. In 2015 your graphics card should have at least 4GB of its own RAM ... and as mentioned in our cooling modifications guide you should only ever really be looking at buying the 2nd or 3rd generation of a new model card... unless you like the sound of an aircraft carrier in your house.

More recent build pics below