a new breed of AMD gaming computer

The SOLDIER V8 is a new breed of AMD gaming computer for PCG4M3R, as we have combined 2 different system variations into one PC.

Designed for the PC gamer with a modest amount to spend, the Soldier V8 is a gaming computer that will see you playing the best games on offer in 2012.

We have also ensured that the soldier v8 does not need a major overhaul every time you decide to upgrade your PC.

Featuring a very solid motherboard and a strong power supply, you will be able to expand your storage or graphic grunt by simply bolting in the new gear. And don’t forget with the PCG4M3R upgrade program that comes with all our computers you receive 20% off all future DIY upgrades for life.

We offer two variants of the Soldier V8 to get you started:

MMO / Indie Gamer Version $1400*

This version of our Soldier v8 gaming pc is for the gamer who is into MMO’s and RPG’s. Specifically this variant is designed to play games like Diablo III, WOW, Sins of a Solar Empire, Starcraft II etc .

The MMO variant gets its gaming grunt from the excellent HD 7770 graphics card. Manufactured on the 23 manometer process, and capable of much better Tesselation (plus DX 11.1) than previous editions, the 7770 is an ideal PC graphics card for gamers wanting the latest “real world” tech at the best price.

Plus don’t forget the HD 7770 has a tiny power requirement, meaning you can power your computer with a much smaller PSU. All this results in a gaming PC that is much quieter and cheaper overall that its cousins. If playing MMO’s / RPG’s or indie shooters (games under $40 like TF2) is your thing then the MMO version is for you.

FPS / Shooter Version $1650*

This version of the Soldier v8 gaming PC is for the gamer who is into shooters and happy with 40 – 60 frames per second on a single screen. We believe it’s impossible to tell the difference between 50-60 frames on a single monitor anyway, especially if your LCD has a 5ms response time (like most screens). So why spend money on something you can’t see?

The Shooter version of the Soldier V8 features an SSD to speed up boot / access time and is also has graphics powered by the sweet HD 7870. The HD 7870 is an excellent card for PC gamers who have a single monitor, at 1080p and are looking for the best cash to performance ratio in their games.

The Soldier v8 is specifically designed to handle some of the amazing “shooter” releases coming up in 2012 like Borderlands2 and HAWKEN… but of course it will play BF3 and all the other excellent titles like DiabloIII as well. If getting the most shoterific shooty shoot shoot… out of your gaming PC is the go. Then the Shooter veriant of the Solder V8 is for you.

What do both versions of gaming PC have?

The core of the Solder V8 is the great combination of case, motherboard, CPU, cooler, wireless, RAM and PSU. With these hand chosen parts as the core of your PC you are setup with a solid computer that won’t see you being frustrated with “incompatible” updates in the future. Of course everything is in reason. You can’t expect to turn this PC into a server … or run an Eyefiniy setup (3+ monitors).

If you are looking to spend a modest amount on your PC now, with the expectation of spending minor amounts on adhock updates in the future… then the Solder V8 gaming computer is for you. Plus don’t forget with PCG4M3R gaming PCs you get 20% DIY upgrades for life.

Both MMO / FPS Feature:
+ USB 3.0 Case
+ Very Quiet
+ Positive Air Pressure
+ 20% off DIY upgrades
Corsair Carbide 300R


Arctic Cooling, Freezer 13 CPU cooler

Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 MB
Corsair 8GB KIT
Corsair 16GB KIT

ATI HD 7770 OC Edition
ATI HD 7870 OC Edition

60GB SSD + 500GB HDD

SATA Black Internal DVD +-RW

600W Corsair GS-600 ATX PSU
OS Install:
Windows 7 Home SP1, 64ed
* price is effected by current market, PCG4M3R will use the best prices available when quoting your gaming pc