What’s the point trying to learn how your PC works, if you just go and buy your next PC off the shelf with nothing left to customize or tinker with? And if you do open the box and customize your machine… boom there goes the warranty!

Well fear not, for the SOLDIER series of gaming PC from PCG4M3R is back! Giving you all the freedom to learn about your own PC and tinker away to your heart’s content.

Return of the SOLDIER
Originally the SOLDIER line of computer was meant to be the PCG4M3R budget offering, however after careful consideration and allot of feedback we decided to make it something else entirely.

With the recent submission to ATOMIC magazine PCG4M3R has unearthed the SOLDIER series of custom PC and carefully constructed a PC configuration for “first time” enthusiasts to cut their teeth on. The idea here is that the SOLDIER v5 can be whatever you want it to be… we have laid the excellent foundations of an awesome PC and you can add to it, customize it and make it your own.

SOLDIER V5 Features

Core Stet up
The SOLDIER v5 features an SSD for the OS, a separate HDD for the programs and games, a Antec case with extensive air cooling and plenty of upgrade room. Additionally the custom setup features an HD 6850, and a Gigabyte “ultra durable” motherboard with SATA3 / USB 3 . It also has the AMD 965 BLACK CPU as its weapon of choice, and if we don’t see you get this bad boy to 3.92GHz stable we will be thoroughly unimpressed.

Like your first car, the first PC you own (that you are going to get right into) will need to be tough, so you can make a few mistakes and not deep fry the whole lot.

The new SOLDIER v5 gaming system has been custom designed to be a very robust “all round” gaming system. It will allow you to toy confidently with custom overclock settings, (as each part is specifically chosen for its toughness), you are able to make a few mistakes along the way without killing  your system.

Upgradeable Gear
This enthusiast grade system is of course “future proofed” into the grave, with USB3, SATA3 and plenty of expansion room both inside the case and on the MOBO itself. If adding your own gear isn’t your thing, then the SOLDIER v5 has further customization options for you to choose from when configuring your gaming system, however we have ensured the core system is still available for well under $1600.


Have a look,
We hope you can see how the all new SOLDERv5 will make a killer 1st time enthusiast grade PC, for whatever you want to use it for.

Top Level Features:
+ Super boot speed
+ Case window
+ Positive air pressure
+ Near silent operation
+ SSD for the OS
+ USB 3.0
+ CPU Overclock
+ Graphics Overclock
+ Epic Customisation

SOLDIER V5 Benchmarks:
3DMark Vantage - P13,788
3DMark 11 - X1227

HAVEN - 912, 36.2 FPS
CRISIS - 43.26 FPS
METRO 2033 - 60.67 FPS
- All: 1280x720, 4xAA

System Spec:
Antec Six Hundred

Overclocked to 3.92GHz

Cooler Master Hyper212+ (dual fan)
2x Silverstone Suscool Case Fans

Gigabyte GA-890FXA-UD5

A-RAM 4GB 1600MHz DDR3

HIS 6850 1GB, overclocked to 850MHz

1x Corsair Sandforce 60GB SSD
1x Samsung F3 1TB

SATA Black Internal DVD +-RW

650W XFX XXX Edition PSU