T4NK Custom Gaming PC

I first built this machine as a custom build for a gamer in Melbourne. The idea was this…

“I need a home office machine which is secretly a gaming pc. It needs to have safe and secure storage for all my family photos and also be really quiet so I can game without waking up the kids or getting complaints form my wife.”

What we came up with was a really compact mini ATX gaming pc with 3TB Raid5 storage, an AMDx4 Black Edition and an ATI 5850. It also had the usual 4GB Corsair DOMINATOR RAM and a XFX 650W PSU.

The choice of case was in interesting one, we went with an Antec P180 because of the epic fan on the top of the case. It also has insulated plastic coated side pannels to absorb any incidental noise.

It looks awesome, and all our tech fits in there nicely. We mounted the cdrom in one of the lower drive bays inside the psu compartment to increase air flow in the top portion of the case, and to finish it off we added 2x SusCool fans with their own indervidual temperature control to keep the case cool and quiet.

On the outside it looks like an unassuming buisness PC but under the hood its all custom gaming machine.

Ultimately there are several configurations possible with the components we have chosen, a RAID0 rive array would be much faster but you loose the security. You could go a little cheaper and get an AMDX4 and a 5770… so feel free to make your own variant.

Top Level Features:
+ Mini ATX case
+ Positive air pressure
+ Silent operation
+ 3TB Storage
+ RAID 5 or 0

PCG4M3R Benchmarks:
3DMark Vantage - P16,444
3DMark 06 - 20,702
System Spec:
Antec Mini P180

AMD X6 Core 1090T BLACK ED

Thermolab BARAM Enthusiast 
cooler 2x Silverstone Suscool Fans

Gigabyte GA-880GMA-UD2H MB
Corsair 4GB 1600MHz Dominator

ATI Radeon HD5850

3x Samsung 1TB Spinpoint, 7200RPM, SATA II

Sony SATA Black Internal

650W XFX XXX Edition PSU

Windows 7- Professional 64