The NRG Tremor

PCG4M3R and the NRG Tremor

We first got our hands on an NRG Tremor to see how it worked as a part of a user request. What we discoverd was an excelent mid level gaming PC which just fell short of the mark, so we dicided to open it up and sort it out.

Out of the box it was far to noisy and the AMDx2 overclocked to 4.1GHz was still to much of a bottle neck in real world gaming scenarios, it just seemed to be scoring too low in our initial tests.

So we did what we knew best, we pulled out the screwrdiver and got to work…

First up the noise.
The original NRG Tremor fan configuration was causing a buffering vibration inside the case. The fans just seemed to be working against each other, they wern’t all moving air in a consistent direction. Overall the cooling solution had all the parts it needed but lacked the proper configuration.

To fix this we removed the side fan and put it on the front air intake of the case, and made canges to the speed settings on the other fans.

The result was a 50% reduction in noise to our ears. It now emits the low frequency humm we expect from a well cooled gaming pc.

Next the CPU.
Now that we could think clearly, because the noise had gone, something needed to be done about the X2 core. The original core shipped by NRG is overclocked to 4.1Ghz which is a massive overclock but the gaming machine as a whole just feels like it should be much faster.

Luckily we had an x4 Black Edition available, so we removed the CPU coller with a loud SHLOCK! There was so much paste on the CPU! It looks like they used a whole tube! So after cleaning up all the excess paste the x4 CPU was added and the Zalzman CPU cooler re-applied, with a much more sensible amount of CPU paste.

Overclock Settings.
With a new CPU and the fans all sorted we re-booted the Tremor and got to work. After some simple tweaking we got the core to a stable 3.9Ghz and upped the express port settings to 105Mhz.

Overall the NRG Tremor system is +20% faster in all tests, and emits 50% less noise than it did when it arrived. Its an excellent machine for the amount paid at the end of the day… Have a look at the results below.

It runs COD4 and BadCompany2 no problems… I honestly had to check it was only a 5770 in there because it sometimes felt like a 5850.

Well the NRG Tremor is a great machine, but is it future proof? not really. Yeah you can add new hard drives, and upgrade the graphics etc. But overall its a purpose built gaming system. In comparison the pcg4m3r Unit03 has way more upgrade possibilities.

Can I get One?
You sure can. We are now taking orders for the new PCG4M3R enhanced NRG Tremors. They are now super seeding our original SOLDIERV4 product line

Top Level Features:
+ Modified by PCG4M3R
+ Positive air pressure
+ Epic case top fan
+ USB3.0
+ Advanced air cooling 
+ AMDx4 965 Black 
+ Lights and side window

NRG Benchmarks:
3DMark Vantage - P8,780
3DMark 06 - 14,973

PCG4M3R Benchmarks:
3DMark Vantage - P10,595
3DMark 06 - 16,707
BadCo 2 - 
System Spec:
Antec 600 Gaming Case

AMD X4 Core 965 Black Edition CPU, 3.40 GHz

Zalman CNPS10X-FLEX (2x Fans)

Gigabyte GA-880GA-UD3H
Corsair Performance solution RAM

HIS ATI Radeon HD5770

Samsung 1TB Spinpoint, 7200RPM, SATA II

Sony SATA Black Internal

600W "Zalman" ZM600-HP

Windows 7- Home Premium 64