EPIC PC gaming and hardware enthusiast 

Kym Herbert's unwavering enthusiasm for PC gaming hardware is the heart and soul of PCG4M3R.

After many years of building custom gaming PC ‘s for fun, family and friends, PCG4M3R was born as a way of satisfying the PC building addiction.

Now the fantasy of regularly building the most kick ass gaming machines for anyone who shares the same slightly insane passion has become a reality.

Based on the passion that PC gaming is ultimate form of gaming, Kym Herbert with PCG4M3R aims to make custom gaming PC ‘s available to all who share the same passion.

Serious amounts of love go into every single PC we have built... and that's a lot of PCs. The mad mechanic here, pictured on the right has personally hand built over 100 gaming PCs.

The most satisfying part of building gaming PCs for players, is when I see them come back, usually 2-3 years later for an upgrade and they are in fantastic condition.