WHY have your PC built with PCG4M3R?

All PCG4M3R gaming PCs are either personally built by our founder and resident mad mechanic Kym Herbert or at least thoroughly inspected by him. However this is not the only difference between PCG4M3R and other PC builders out there.

1- Unique Double Test Process

PCG4M3R gaming computers are essentially tested and built twice. We have an excellent relationship with our component suppliers who have agreed to run some simple tests before the parts are shipped to PCG4M3R for further construction and testing.

2 - Discount Lifetime Upgrades

PCG4M3R now offers trade-in discounts on all future system upgrades for life. So if you decide you need more ram or that you need a new graphics card, for your gaming pc we have you covered.

3- Expert Tailored Support

PCG4M3R doesn't have third party call centres or random warranty technicians supporting our computers. Instead, the same teams that build our machines are the same teams that support them. 

4- Free Central Coast Delivery

Your system will be boxed and ready for transport in the secure original packaging used for the PC case easily within 15 days.

All gaming PC systems built by PCG4M3R essentially have two delivery options:

  1. They can be picked up from our workshop in North Ryde when ready.
  2. It can be personally delivered in the Sydney area.
  3. It can be delivered by our couriers to your door, within NSW.
PCG4M3R AMD gaming PC’s are made to order, with current market prices. Request a quote below to get your best market price. Its a free tailored quote with no obligation to buy

There are 3 ways to get your custom quote process started with us : 

  1. - via our Facebook Page
  2. - via email kym@pcg4m3r.com.au
  3. - via Google+