At PCG4M3R all our gaming computers are individually built or thoroughly inspected by the resident mad mechanic Kym Herbert.

PC Support

PCG4M3R doesn’t have third party call centres or random warranty technicians supporting our computers. Instead, the exact same passionate gaming PC team that builds our PCs is the same team that supports them. All our systems come with a lifetime phone and online support guarantee. Meaning once you purchase a system form PCG4M3R, we will have you covered with free phone and online support. Have a question about your PC? Having driver issues? Need advice for upgrades? We are always available.

Setup & Construction

PCG4M3R gaming computers are essentially tested and built twice. We have an excellent relationship with our component suppliers who have agreed to run some simple tests before the parts are shipped to PCG4M3R for further construction and testing.

  • In the first round of testing the core components of your gaming PC are assembled and run through some simple testing. This initial step is done on-site at our supplier’s warehouse and quickly discovers any faulty parts and has them immediately replaced.
  • The second round of testing comes when the gaming pc is shipped to PCG4M3R for its remaining build and testing. This is the second phase of construction where all the love and attention is poured into your new gaming computer to make it truly worthy of the PCG4M3R brand. Your computer is updated to the latest drivers and benchmarked to ensure it performs the way it should.

Real World Benchmarks

All our systems are stress tested for at least 12hrs before being “passed” for release. Several different game demos are used as a part of our testing process. So don’t be surprised if there are a few demos pre-installed on your system.

What does this translate to?

Basically it means that all you have to do is take your new gaming pc out of the box. Plug it all together and turn it on.

Warranty & Returns

At PCG4M3R we hold all the required paperwork to ensure that if there is a problem with your PC that appears after we ship it to you, we are able to contact the component manufacturer and get a replacement.

All the parts used in your PC come with the full manufacturers’ warranty.

All new PCs comes with a standard 1 year return to base warranty for all labor. Regardless of the validity of the manufacturers warranty.

PCG4M3R cannot accept and replace components of your PC that have been damaged due to misuse or improper handling by the owner / purchaser / user.

Labour and delivery (to and from) will be charged if goods returned are found to be not faulty. Any software is only able to be refunded / replaced if the distribution medium (CD / DVD) itself is faulty.

PCG4M3R is not directly responsible for any loss or damage that occurs to any product whilst in transit. We always take appropriate measures to ensure your PC arrives safely. We use common and well known courier companies to deliver your gaming PC and we have agreements with those companies to ensure the safe delivery should any unlikely damage occur.

It is important to understand that the PC itself as a whole is not a warrantable item unless it arrives dead. Rather each individul apart of your PC is covered by their own manufacturers warranties

DOA Returns Policy

We will accept the complete return of a gaming PC if it is DOA (dead on arrival).

Refund of purchase will be made on return of the machine and assessment DOA symptoms.

Computers discovered to be DOA have likely been damaged in transit and will be ensured by the courier company elected to deliver your PC.

Please note that we’re not legally required to accept goods for refund if you have simply changed your mind.