Since building our first computer in 2009 we have received plenty of emails and reviews, about our great customer service and the strength of our gaming PCs. Here are a few of them.

Online reviews for some of our older PCs >> PC Powerplay | APC Magazine | PC & Tech Authority

Hey guys, a big thanks for an excellent gaming PC (BF3 gaming PC) worth every dollar it meets all my gaming needs and at an affordable price. I have had it for a week now and am very happy with it. Great service as well, thanks Kym for keeping me updated and making sure it got out to me here in the Tanami desert. I would recommend you guys to anyone looking for a new gaming PC.”
— Mandkvegera
Kym you’re a legend. Thanks for explaining that to me. Ditch the extra drive.You can go ahead with the order.Thanks for your help mate. Cheers..
— Rob
No tasks stress a PC more than video editing and gaming, so PC builder Kym Herbert builds a PC that does both! Build it yourself and you won’t need to buy a Mac for video editing…
— APC Magazine
That was actually one of the harder reviews I have ever written. Usually I like a few down sides in there to balance the review but in this case I struggled to find anything not exactly how I would have built it myself.
— Lindsay Handmer
Kudos for selling pc with preinstalled linux, wd
— Milan
This is a great company and its good to see a ubuntu option. Much respect :)
— Gargintua
This is the first time we’ve had a system from indie builders PCG4M3R in the labs, and while we may giggle quietly at the outfit’s name (l33tspeak – really, in this day and age?), there’s no doubting that PCG4M3R has a solid lock on what makes a good build.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about these guys is they’re not a reseller in any way. This means they’re not locked into choosing a part purely because they need to keep that company happy – instead, PCG4M3R can choose whatever it considers to be the best parts for a given price-point and purpose.

And thus, we have the Soldier V5, an AMD-based system aimed at some serious mid-range gaming…
— David Hollingworth – ATOMIC MPC Magazine
Great system (T4NK), attention to detail & build quality is superb, it`s the quietest system I`ve owned (or seen) by a country mile………all a great price with genuine customer service. No question in my mind where my next systems will be coming from.
— Ninohashi
If you’re in the market for a new computer, don’t be a sucker like everyone else and fall for big retailers fancy advertising, not only will you pay around double what you should be, but you will be getting a computer made from cheap components almost guaranteed to play up in the near future. Kym and the team from PCG4M3R are experts at what they do, if you ever have any questions about your new computer they are just a phone call away and you won’t be waiting in line for some automated support desk! They build every single system by hand as if it’s their and do it all for a price you will find extremely hard to beat.
— Reuben Bajada