Upgrading 4Yr old PCs to push some damn pixles

If your system is 3-4yrs old or less, say purchased around 2011 then its game on for a great PC upgrade. If its older than 2011 unfortunately its probably better off getting a new PC.

A mid-rage PC purchased around 2011, even if its a Dell or HP can be upgraded to a fairly decent gaming PC, saving you some cashola.

Upgrading PCs is a case by case labour of love, and the best way of going about it is to bring your PC into our workshop so that we can see what we can salvage. Just like restoring an old car you can never really tell what needs to be done until you lay eyes on it.

Sometimes all that needs to happen is some new RAM and a new graphics card… or sometimes all that can be salvaged is the CPU. Either way if it saves you $200 then its with looking into.

Additionally if you are interested in trading in some of your older PC gaming gear then more often than not we are able to offer some discounts on your new gaming upgrades.  

Check out the pics on this page of some PC upgrades surgery we have performed.  Feel free to ask us for a quote.